Aerofoils eFoil Collision Vest Element Side Zip par ION

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OPTIMAL BUOYANCY: The Collision Vest provides excellent buoyancy, giving you extra safety and support for water sports activities like kitesurfing, wakeboarding or water skiing.

RELIABLE PROTECTION: The ION Collision Vest has integrated protective pads on sensitive areas which protect you from possible shocks or impacts and prevent injuries.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The vest has been designed with an ergonomic fit that allows unrestricted freedom of movement, so you can reach your full potential in water sports.

BREATHABLE MATERIALS: Thanks to the breathable material, your body remains pleasantly ventilated during water sports and the vest is comfortable even during longer activities.

QUICK DRY: The vest dries quickly, so you don't need to wear a wet and heavy vest after water sports.

STYLISH DESIGN: The Aerofoils anti-collision vest not only impresses with its functionality, but also with its modern, attractive design that makes you stand out on the water.

UNIVERSAL FIT: The vest is available in different sizes to ensure a personalized fit for every water sports enthusiast.

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The Aerofoils anti-collision vest from ION

Maximum safety and comfort for water sports enthusiasts!

Experience carefree water adventures with the Aerofoils Collision Vest, a buoyancy vest specially developed for the highest safety requirements and exceptional comfort. With the Aerofoils Collision Vest from ION, you are well equipped to embark on water sports adventures safely and in style. Get your vest now and enjoy water sports with the reassuring feeling of maximum safety! Multiple Sizes Available