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  • Tender Free Solution – eliminates the need to detail the tender, again
  • No more searching – a platform on hand at all times
  • No damage to the vessel and paintwork – can sit alongside for days
  • Stable and easy to remove from the water
  • Easy to clean
  • Hose Holders and Collapsible Buckets with Velcro bottom to prevent loss overboard
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A tender free solution

Practical seamanship

The platform can be single-handedly inflated and launched anywhere in less than five minutes, providing instant access to the water line and allowing crew members to work smarter – not harder. Gone are the days of having to detail the tender after a full topside wash down. Our unique ballast bag system provides excellent stability in the water and enables easy removal from the water after use


Switch easily from guest to crew use

In the relentless pursuit for the perfect solution, we’ve designed our platforms to have the ability to transform from a guest ready leisure platform into a solid inflatable maintenance tool. Simply add the lightweight, non-skid fitted cover to protect the platform and your crew can easily clean, varnish, paint, polish and have the hull of the yacht looking immaculate before leaving port.