JET SKI DOCK 4,1m x 3m

2 991 Ex. VAT


YACHTBEACH Jet Ski Dock 4.1x3m
In the premium segment, Yachtbeach launches the brand new
luxury Jet Ski Dock. Easily park up to 2 large Jet Skis with their
remaining watersport equipment on the Jet Ski Dock. The teakoptic
foam surface made of hardened EVA is an eye-catcher
itself and invites you to take a bath or lounge for a little while.
It is noteworthy that you can easily combine the Yachtbeach
Jet Ski Dock with all common Yachtbeach 4.1 & 3.1 platforms
and make a variety of combinations possible.
-The Jet Ski Dock has longer divided arms that the jet skis
can not collide and be better protected. The divided arms
are each 200cm long and 55cm
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