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Two large pocket is located on each lobe
Double-slider zipper opening for quick and easy access
# 10 mesh closure for ease of use
The inside of the left pocket has a loop for attaching
Integrated anti-slip pad
Limits bottle slippage
Knife fixing
Two eyelets on the left lobe are used to secure the Squeezelock and Squeeze knives
Console pocket
Opening in the lobe to secure the console and facilitate its access
You can store the hose there or pass the console head through
Waist strap
Octopus pocket
An Octopus pocket is present on each lobe of the vest
Place your Octopus on the right or on the left
It is perfectly in place, it is easily stored and deployed
Integrated carrying handle
Molded in the back pack
Cutout in the padding for easy access
Positioning strap
Keeps the vest in place during assembly
Half round rings 5 ​​in total - 1 of 1.5 'preformed in stainless steel on the right shoulder - 2 of. 1 'stainless steel on the top of the lobes - 2 of 1.5' stainless steel at the bottom of the lobes
Chest strap
It can be adjusted for better personal comfort
Quick bleed on the right shoulder
Purge can be activated manually
Large purge control knob

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