OX1000 bottle + Mini Compressor + OXAIR Mask

733 Ex. VAT


The OX1000 bottle offers about 15 minutes of autonomy under water. Its large air capacity will allow you to benefit from an extended experience.Each OX1000 bottle is delivered with its harness and regulator.

The Minicompressor 12V allows you to fill your bottle in about 12 minutes. You can connect the mini compressor with the crocodile clips to a car or boat battery. A 220V converter is also provided to connect your minicompressor to a conventional socket.

The OXAIR mask is an integral snorkeling mask that connects to the OXSEA bottles. This innovative mask revolutionizes the activity of snorkeling by offering a hybrid experience: Breathe on the surface thanks to the snorkel and your OXSEA bottle will take over if you decide to dive.

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