How much does a Seabob cost?

The Seabob is one of the most innovative and game-changer water toy. On and in the water, you will be able to move quickly and easily from one point to another. Also, if you seek adrenaline, you will love this submarine experience. Nextly, you will understand how it operates, its characteristics and price.

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Seabob Definition and Characteristics

What is a Seabob?

The Seabob is a submersible device made by the German company Cayago AG. It was designed by the Italian car manufacturer Lamborghini, and its software is from Porsche. The aim is to enable you to move effortlessly in and on the water at incredible speed. Thus, the company has used its technological expertise and creativity to offer these features.

It is a device similar to the hydrodynamic shape of a torpedo which operates using an electric motor. Equipped with a huge lithium-ion battery, a Seabob can last an hour of use for a full recharge time of 6-7 hours.

In other words, the Seabob is a submarine Jetski enabling one to dive in with high speed, without effort. Within the luxurious water toys, it is without a doubt one who has made a strong impression thanks to its characteristics.

How does a Seabob work ?

This aquatic toy operates and is driven according to your body placement on it. The device is propelled thanks to a turbine which absorbs water from the sides and ejects it from behind the Seabob. That is what is called “Hydrojet propulsion”.

With its smart controllers, you will be able to pilot it easily. It also owns a LCD screen used as a dashboard that indicates:

The water temperature

The movement speed

The battery life

On the ecological side, the Seabob has been eco-friendly designed with zero CO2 emission. The noiseless technology will let you experience freedom and make you feel like a dolphin.

How to use a Seabob ?

Throw it in water and place your hands on the controllers. Choose the mode (power, speed) with the buttons. Get going by pulling the trigger.

Pilot the Seabob is easy, it is instinctive:

Push the controllers forward to dive in and pull them to surface. The Seabob can plunge down to a depth of 40 metres although it is factory-limited at 2.5 meters for safety reasons.

To turn on the right, pull your right arm. To turn on the left, pull your left arm. We told you it was easy.

To raise the power supplied by the engine, use the green button. To power down, use the red one.

Do not panic if you undergo decompression problems once you start diving.

How much does a Seabob cost?

A luxurious toy that lets you imitate a dolphin sure comes with a price. Even though only a few can afford it, its features make it worth its price. The purchase is established based on the chosen model. In France and Monaco, if you want to buy a Seabob, you have to contact Aqua Marine. Indeed, we are the exclusive dealers in these two countries. We provide a very quick and efficient after-sales service as well in our workshop.

Seabob models available on the market

Extremely handy and ergonomic, with the Seabob it is easy to twirl in the waters with an impressing speed. On the market, we differentiate two types of Seabob:

Ø The Cayago F5 with 2.8 Horse Power

It is the smallest version which weighs 28 kilograms for an autonomy of 50 minutes. It speeds up to 15km/h on the water and 11km/h in thanks to a 4-level power with a 480N thrust. It takes 8 hours to fully charge with the standard charger, or only 1h30 with the quick charger.

Ø The Cayago F7 with 7 Horse Power

This version lets you speed up to 20km/h on the water. Its powerful thrust of 700N explains its weigh of 64kg due to a huge and performant battery. We have decided not to sell this item because it is too similar to the F5S while being much more expensive. Although to find optimized features, we have kept the F5SR.


The F5 is only the first of its type. The F5S is more recent and enables you to go at 20km/h above the water and 18km/h in, with a 6-level power and a thrust of 680N. It weighs 35kg and can be used for 60 mins straight. But wait until you hear about the F5SR…

Ø The Cayago F5SR

This is the latest version of the Seabob. Its characteristics prove it. Indeed, it possesses 7 levels of power for a thrust of 745 Newtons. With its top-of-the-range technology, it enables you to ride the waves at 22km/h and to drive in the waters at up to 20km/h for 90 minutes top. Charge it for 7 hours or get the quick charger to get it done in an hour and a half (1h30)! It is not very heavier than the former ones, adding only 1kg to its predecessor, reaching 35kg.

The price of a Seabob

To give an idea of the prices, please find below a table specifying the price for each Seabob. As a reminder, this product fits everybody: amateurs of fun, divers, snorkelling divers…

Cayago F5 SR 14 935 €22km/h745 N
Seabob models available   Prix approximatif   Max speed Thrust
Cayago F7   Approx. 13 000 €   20km/h 700 N
Cayago F5   8 960 €   15km/h 480 N
Cayago F5 S   11 945 €   20km/h 680 N

If the purchase of a Seabob isn’t in your budget, you can ask a nautical leisure centre for renting. Usually the price to rent a Seabob is 50 euros for 30 minutes.

If you would like to rent them on the French Riviera for a day or more, contact us directly at or by message/call +33 (0)6 44 25 53 20.


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