What is the price of a Jetsurf?

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Since their launch, water sports have known a huge success. Even more amongst the extreme sports lover. They stay very esteemed thanks to the regular innovation in the industry. The boards are a classic water toy. The Jetsurf represents the excellency of the water boards. But how much does a Jetsurf cost? To answer this question, the first thing to understand is what device are we talking about. Next, we will see the existing models and their prices.

What is the Jetsurf?

The first Jetsurf has seen the day in 2008 thanks to Martin Sula, a Czech car engineer. It is a board with a carbon coating equipped with an engine. The Jetsurf represents the perfect combination of the surf and the Jet Ski.

The board weighs approximately 14 kgs and measures 180cm (length), 60cm (wide) and 15cm (thickness). A 2-stroke engine is implemented into the Jetsurf as well as a battery with a 4-hour range. It enables the rider to ride the waves at more than 50km/h! With its innovative hull, you can ride calm seas and also great waves.

By dint of this technology, no need to take into account external factors like the wind or sea swell to ride the waves. The power of the engine propels you fast, unlike the ordinary boards. Training in the bodies of water is recommended for beginners. It will leave you some time to get familiar with the motor board.

Why buying a Jetsurf?

Many people believe that Jetsurf is just a motorized carbon board. In fact, this water sport procures numerous advantages and guarantees an optimal satisfaction.

  • Unlike the traditional surf, the Jetsurf is a handy device which you can ride even without any wave. The challenge resides in the thrust and body placement management.
  • Like most modern motorized boards, the Jetsurf has a safety protection. When the rider falls off the board, it stops thanks to a connected wristband.
  • The Jetsurf controller can either be wireless or wired. You can change the speed and easily go from “cruise” mode to the “surf” mode. Some models are provided with a screen which gives useful information including the
  • speed, the battery’s life, and the distance travelled.
  • It is equipped with a smaller engine, enhancing battery’s performance and the energy efficiency. Thus, the driving time is increased, while the fuel consumption is reduced.
  • The Jetsurf is coated with carbon fiber. This lightness enables you to take it anywhere you go, you can even use it in deep waters.


What is the price of a Jetsurf ?

The Jetsurf board has been designed to widen the market, not to replace the classic surfboards. You will find 5 different models amongst the brand Jetsurf that will suit the type of rider you are.

The price of a motorized surfboard varies between 4 825€ and 18 000€. For a chosen model, you have to take into account its characteristics, its manoeuvrability, its autonomy, the material of the board, its ease of use and the after sales service provided.

Top of the range

Jetsurf range

As well as the Jetsurf Adventure DFI stated above, there are 4 other products that include Jetsurf technology. This technology includes the 2-stroke engine NG 100 DFI 100cc except for the Titanium DFI.

The Jetsurf Adventure DFI costs 10 490€ EX. VAT. This model is the most advanced board for cruising due to its perfectly stable hull shape and high autonomy of 60 minutes. It has dual foot bindings equipped. For people who like riding fast as well, the board has a maximum speed of 55km/h.

Discover the full range of the different Jetsurf products.

The Race DFI was made for people who love adrenaline. With this hull, you can take sharp turns with a high velocity. Going up to 55km/h, it is equipped with pro bindings either goofy or regular. The range of the Race DFI with a full tank is 60 minutes. The Race DFI costs 11,990€ EX. VAT.

The Electric Jetsurf: the eco-friendly board can get you to 60km/h on the water. The battery has 75mins of autonomy. The Jetsurf electric costs 13 490€ EX.VAT.

The Adventure DFI Plus is the same board with the same hull and as the Adventure DFI Plus. It is delivered an extra tank as well as an alternator used to recharge the batteries. You won’t ever need to charge it. The extra tank offers a much higher autonomy. It is fixed with a rack which is also included and a bag if you would like to take some belongings with you during your adventure. The extra tank enables you to ride for 3 hours non-stop! The Adventure DFI Plus costs 11 990€ EX. VAT.

The Titanium DFI is literally the perfect surfboard for competitions. Its engine (2-stroke Titanium 100 DFI 100cc) has been developed for the sole purpose of offering the best characteristics in terms of performance. The Titanium DFI costs 12 990€ EX. VAT. The max speed justifies the price: it reaches 66km/h at full speed.

Couple it with the variant Titanium RS engine (contact via e-mail for this one) to get the RS cylinder, opened silencer and a jet-pump made specially for this innovation. Add 1 000€ EX. VAT for this feature.



The Onean Manta 2019 is a very light board. The battery life lasts 2 hours and the board goes at a maximum speed of 10km/h. This product costs 4 825€.

The Onean Carver X is propelled at max. 30 km/h. It can be used up to 45 minutes. This one costs around 10 500€ EX. VAT.

We have chosen not to offer this brand’s products for sale because the price is very close to the Jetsurf’s range while they are beaten on every characteristic.

The e-foil

The Lift3 e-foil lets you discover a new world by flying over the water. It goes up to 50 km/h, can be driven for up to 90 minutes. This board has a special fin very much appreciated by people who seek fun and chill. The price of this fully electric board starts at 10 700€ EX. VAT.



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